barbie doll skin



This was a very cool tool.. i am going to use this in the future…A LOT. the only problem i had was if u touched the back ground it smeared that color into the face .. im getting better at it though

city clone




i liked this project a lot because its funny to watch people look for the things i cloned .. its actually quit difficult because of all the lights and people…in the end i was impressed with myself 🙂


clone myself



Fist off … this looks kind of like me when i wake up in the morning :/ but any ways i liked this project because it was just fun in general and i got a chance to get better at the cloning tool which is good because i have never used it befor

My 6 logos

Black and Black

Black and Blue

Black and Red

Black and Green

Black and Yellow

Black and Orange

I liked the blue one the most … It has a very professional look and i think it matches the company well but i am very pleased with the way all of them look