elements and principles of design


Line: Can be considered in two ways. The linear marks made with pen or brush or the edge created when two shapes meet 

Shape: is a self contained area of geometric or organic form.

Direction:all lines have a direction,horizontal,vertical,or diagonal.

Size: is simply the relationship occupied by one shape to that of another


Texture: is the surface quality of a shape rough,smooth,soft,hard,glossy etc.

Color:also called hue

Value:Is the lightness and darkness of a color.

Balance:Is the concept of visual equilibrium and relates to our physical sense of balance.
Gradation: a drawing or painting in which there is a gradual change in the tone/color.
Repetition: When objects, shapes,light direction,lines etc. are repeated in art work
Contrast: is created by using opposites near or beside one another,such as a light objects next to a dark object
Harmony: is a pleasing arrangement of parts whether it be color,poetry,or art 
Dominance:is an object or color that stands out in a relation to the rest of the piece 
Unity:a feeling of completion is created by the use of elements in the artwork.

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