favorite logos

i like this product it is a shoes company, i have six pairs of there products

This is my number one favorite product, I cant even go a day without drinking at least two of these

i actually  didn’t  like apple computers when i started this class but after i got used to it i LOVED IT!


This logo is all around my house, almost every electronic i have is made my SONY or BOSE


 This is my favorite watch company i have had about six of them my whole life and are very durable and look stylish

  I picked this logo because its the manufacture that sells all my cloths and shoes for lower prices

 this logo is a very well known one and I ave used it countless times to sell or by items

 this logo was chosen because when i had my (skateboarding phase) i used to purchase skateboards from there

i use this site almost everyday for pretty much everything.

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