graffiti pop bottle

this it my graffiti pop bottle i liked it because i was very easy to to put on and looks clean if i saw this in a store i would buy it just for the looks


my ripped car





this is my ripped sailor i chose this car because its my favorite car  but also a challenge… i think this one is better than the sailor .. and the only thing wrong with it is the top left column but i think i fixed it well..

facebook-Fact or fiction HW

1. Yes i do have an account which i use every day

2.If i had to pay i wouldn’t even think of using it because it would be waste of money.. id rather just call every person and tell them my thoughts

3.Yes i have used it twice to share movies with my friends

4.I honestly like it because u can see how the people are doing and also there physical change from when they were younger to now

5.No i am not (THAT) into face book so i didn’t really get excited over those little things

photo edit and magazine

 This is the beginning picture before i edited it into the magazine

 finished magazine cover !! (AKA AMAZING)

Honestly i think this is my best work yet it has every thing it needs and is all hand made except the main logo and the advertisement on the bottom every thing else was cut from pictures from google .. i had a extremely hard time fitting my body to the new car but in the end i am very impressed with this and hope to make more art that looks as good as this